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Below are links to my published book title pages.
Self-Revealization Acceptance® Series – http://selfrevealization.weebly.com

The Way of the Modern Warrior – http://wayofmodernwarrior.weebly.com

The Shogun’s Scroll (Tuttle Publishing) – http://shogunscroll.weebly.com

The Lady of the Rings – http://ladyrings.weebly.com

The Sword in the Boardroomhttp://swordroom.weebly.com

Hanshi David Mann Adventure Series – http://hanshidavidmann.weebly.com

Sun Tzu’s Art of War – http://the-art-of-war.weebly.com

Musashi’s Book of Five Rings – http://book-of-five-rings.weebly.com

Zen and the Art of Stickfighting – http://stickfighting.weebly.com

The Living Taohttp://the-living-tao.weebly.com

Napoleon Means Businesshttp://napoleon-means-business.weebly.com

Homage for Miyamoto Musashihttp://homage-for-musashi.weebly.com

Abracadaver and The Frozen Man http://hwpshortstories.weebly.com

Cherry Blossoms for Childrenhttp://cherryblossoms-for-children.weebly.com

If You’re Gonna Play, Play. Don’t Play! http://playdontplay.weebly.com

Hanshi’s Guide to Ultimate Self-defense http://ultimateself-defense.weebly.com

The Musician’s Book of Five Rings http://musiciansfiverings.weebly.com

Silent Moon – The Story of a Sword – http://silentmoonthenovel.weebly.com

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