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The Art of Stickfighting Self-Defense Book

Completely revised The Art of Stickfighting Self-Defense is now available on Amazon and Hanshi.com.  Also available on Amazon Kindle. This straight-forward book illustrates the proper method for anyone who wants to learn the basics of self- defense with a walking stick, cane, or umbrella. These everyday implements are legal to carry and can be wielded […]

Personal Safety and Self-Defense Seminars

For more info about the author, visit http://www.hanshi.com

Super Holiday Book Sale – Part 2

For more info on the author, visit http://www.hanshi.com

Just a Friendly Pre-Holiday Reminder

Time is flying by and the Holidays will be here before you know it! So, this is just a friendly reminder to order your books from Hanshi Warrior Press early to receive them in time for the holidays. Looking for self-help books? May I suggest the Self-Revealization Acceptance series. Looking for great action/adventure novels? Check […]

Martial Arts Catalog of Instruction

HANSHI KAUFMAN’S BUDO TEACHINGS Hanshi Kaufman has been practicing the martial way since 1957, when he began his studies on Okinawa while serving in the United States Air Force. Hanshi Kaufman is the founder and master of Hebi Ryu Budo™ – School of the Snake, developed from the roots of ancient Shaolin and Okinawan karate. […]

Hanshi Kaufman to Present Zen Stickfighting Seminar

Hanshi Stephen Kaufman will be giving a Zen Stickfighting seminar at the World Karate Union Hall of Fame Awards Dinner at Chateau Resort in Tannersville, PA, Saturday, June 22, at 3PM. Hanshi Kaufman is the author of the best-selling version of Musashi’s Five Rings and is the author of Zen and the Art of Stickfighting. […]

Zen and the Art of Stickfighting Review

Here is a book review from a world champion stickfighting master. GM Vince Palumbo has a list of credentials that is second to none. He resides in Australia and is without doubt one of the best practitioners of the arts I have had the pleasure to know. He knows what he is talking about, and […]

New Book Announcement

Paladin-Press has begun shipping my newly edited version of The Art of Stickfighting. ISBN 978-1-61004-515-5 Check it out: http://www.paladin-press.com/product/The_Art_of_Stick_Fighting/Japanese_and_Okinawan For more info on the author, visit http://www.hanshi.com

Zen and the Art of Stickfighting

The Concept of Attack/ No-Attack  The Zen concept of attack/no-attackshould be used in and through your life without having to think about it. It simply means that you should be on your guard and prepared to act without becoming paranoid while at the same time remaining calm. Training provides you with the ability to act […]

Zen and the Art of Stickfighting

from Deflection and Strikes chapter In this set of photos, a punch is aimed at your head. With the stick weapon of your choice, step back with high deflection followed by a forward strike to the ribs. Zen Tip – There is no such thing as “fair fighting.” Buy this book at: http://www.hanshi.com/books

Self-Defense with a Stick, Cane, or Umbrella

from Zen and the Art of Stickfighting Self-defense is comprised of fundamental actions used by an individual to protect him, or herself, with sensible and controlled techniques. All of the devices—a stick, cane, or umbrella—are used as examples. Get used to the idea of not relying on any particular device. Your repertoire will increase based […]

Zen and the Art of Stickfighting

from Forward Strikes and Attacks There are infinite combinations that can be used with a stick, cane, or umbrella, but it is not possible to list and demonstrate all of them. The techniques in this book are practical and will serve your purposes when you understand them. Before attempting to develop your skills, certain things […]