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Lessons from the Musician’s Book of Five Rings – Reaching into the Depths of Your Soul

Post Note: The book page link has changed to http://musiciansfiverings.weebly.com

Self-Revealization Acceptance Books

  Week One I Know My Purpose I realize the magnificence of my life, and I am thrilled knowing that I can revel in the knowledge that it all makes sense to me. No longer do I consider erroneous alternatives for my existence, nor do I stress at the so-called mysteries of life that can […]

The Necessity of Ridding the Self of Mental Reservation

The Necessity of Ridding the Self of Mental Reservation by Stephen F. Kaufman, Founder and Master of Self-Revealization Acceptance® Mental reservation is your own brand of manipulative grace that you put upon yourself or impressed yourself with, based on experiences you have had in your life. Though you think in terms of definitely doing this, […]

The Intelligent Use OF Faith

My latest installment of the Self-Revealization Acceptance – An Introduction series is now available for viewing at Kinetics Magazine.  http://kineticsmag.com/issue/2013AprMay/pg7.php For more information on the Self-Revealization Acceptance book series and to order, visit my homepage at: http://www.hanshi.com

A Lesson in Women’s Empowerment

As Anne Davis states in her story from The Lady of the Rings – Musashi’s Book of Five Rings Strategy Interpreted for Women, “Everything I do is based on my understanding that my work is an extension of my true being. The physical manifestation of my “trade” is an extension of me. If I approach my work with […]

The Lady of the Rings

Musashi’s Book of Five Rings Strategy Interpreted for Women Foreword A while back, I found myself in Newport, Rhode Island, driving up from NYC for a day jaunt with no rhyme or reason attached to it. As I headed down Thames Street, I noticed what had to be an interesting restaurant, The Newport Café. Many […]

Approach with Complete and Utter Resolve

Excerpt from The Lady of the Rings – Musashi’s Book of Five Rings Strategy Interpreted for Women. I spoke previously to you about redundancy and the repetition of ideas that Musashi insisted upon. The repetition is to reinforce your new way of thinking and the variation in which it is presented can only aid you […]

Getting the Most Out of Self-Revealization Acceptances

Self-revealization acceptance is not to be confused with an affirmation! It is a direct link to the Creative Power of the Universe and may, therefore, be considered a specific key to the desire you want to experience. In my book, Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance – 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life, the generic format of […]

Hanshi Stephen Kaufman Blog Talk Radio Interview

On August 17th of this year, I was interviewed on the Martial Arts Report on Left Hook Radio. In the interview, I give a background history on my martial arts training, an overview of my interpretation of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, and an introduction to Self-Revealization Acceptance®. Follow the link to the interview playback. http://martialartsreport.com/live/?name=662 […]

Self-Revealization Acceptance Article in Kinetics Emag

For those of you who have been following my Self-Revealization Acceptance articles in Kinetics Emag, the July/August issue is now available. IT Is Whole and Complete Complete joy and freedom cannot be experienced if any form of lack, loss, and limitation exists in consciousness. Constant repetition of self-revealization acceptance is needed to eliminate these obstacles […]

Self-Revealization Acceptance – A Book Review

The following book review was given by Bohdi Sanders, author of Modern Bushido: Living a Life of Excellence. I was given Self-Revealization Acceptance by a friend and I have to confess I am guilty of judging a book by its cover at times. My first reaction was that this doesn’t seem like something I am […]

Self-Revealization Acceptance Featured in Kinetics Magazine

Just a quick note to let my readers know that an excerpt from my book, An Introduction to Self-Revealization Acceptance, is featured in the Mar/Apr 2012 issue of Kinetics Magazine online at http://www.kineticsmag.com/issue/2012MarApr/pg22.php For more info on the author and to purchase books, visit http://www.hanshi.com