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Tis the Season to Give—Books

Hanshi Warrior Press would like to make a few reading recommendations for friends, family and, yes…yourself! We have a few ongoing specials. Order ANY 2 books and get ANY 3rd book for free.  Also, if you order any 1 book you may receive a free copy of the original, out of print book, Zen and […]

Create and Maintain Your Higher Ideal

Now available as hardcopy and ebook editions! Anyone who creates and maintains any higher ideal in and of their own self may be considered a samurai. A samurai, male or female, devotes their life to a perfection of their own higher self and does so for the benefit of all concerned with themselves as the progenitor […]

The Way of the Modern Warrior New Book Cover and Excerpt

The new and final version of the book cover of my newest title to be released this fall, The Way of the Modern Warrior – Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century, is now available at Amazon and may be preordered now.  Below is a snippet from the book. Delimiting An Albatross If you […]

How You Should Stand in Combat Readiness

Always stress form and balance. If you are lax in your stances and positioning, then you will be unable to perform your technique effectively. Focus your concentration on only one thing—making the “hit.” Narrow your eyes slightly and ever so subtly flare your nostrils. Always fight with your spine erect and unbent. Keep your shoulders […]

A Video Introduction to Way of the Modern Warrior – Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century

Hanshi Kaufman introduces his new book, Way of the Modern Warrior – Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century, forthcoming from Tuttle Publishing in Fall 2012. Preorder your copy at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For more info on author, visit http://www.hanshi.com

The Way of the Modern Warrior

The book cover design for my new book title, The Way of the Modern Warrior – Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century, is now available for the world to see. The book will be released in the fall of 2012 and can currently be preordered through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Here is a little taste […]

The Shogun’s Philosophy

Most people fail in life because they are not aware of the internal power they have or the manner in which they can increase their usage of it. The inner self is impersonal; it is not a “thing.” The true meaning of personal development is in the true acceptance of your own personal being. It […]

New Book Title Coming Soon

The Way of the Modern Warrior – Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century This is a work that has been in progress for a few years and will be released in the Fall of 2012. It is a prominent, new work that is certain to be received with large acclaim. The cover is […]

The Importance of Correct Spiritual and Physical Bearing in Strategy

from The Book of Water The manner in which a warrior carries himself is of the utmost importance both physically and mentally. You are undoubtedly familiar with men who are quiet and strong and seem to be doing nothing. They do not appear to be tense and do not appear to be in disarray. They […]

Book of Five Rings Review

I had googled Musashi’s Book of Five Rings just recently and came across this review of my book version for the first time. The Martial Artist’s Book of Five Rings: The Definitive Interpretation of Miyamoto Musashi’s Classic Book of Strategy translated by Steve Kaufman (Rutland, VT: Charles E. Tuttle, 1999) Steve Kaufman, a karate expert living in […]

The Way of the Warrior

from The Book of Earth It must be understood that training is never completed. When the warrior thinks that training is over, he will find that the “spirit of the thing itself” he has been studying will elude him and fail to provide him with any future revelations. He must never stop training. In this […]

“Hanshi Damashi” – a work in progress

  This book is an exposition to expound the philosophy that maintained the structure of Japanese society for nearly one thousand years. In the late eighteen hundreds, the leadership of Japan sought to quell the ideal of “service” in an attempt to modernize itself with regards to the rest of the world, especially the Western […]