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Hanshi Kaufman Talks About the Musician’s Book of Five Rings

Link to my interview on Jimmy Jaguar Radio on 12/18/2018. Subject is The Musician’s Book of Five Rings. I spoke about inculcating the samurai mindset into a musician’s psyche and how it can empower a player’s ascension to the highest level of performance accomplishment by following the teachings in my version of Musashi’s Book of […]

The Mentality of Being a Warrior

 from the Book of Water The whole mentality of being a “warrior” is based on the idea of winning, and winning is the only thing you should be interested in. Winning for your own self-assurance. Winning for your own true benefit, though you are considering the benefit of all concerned. The strategy of attack-no-attack does […]

Radio Interview with Hanshi Stephen Kaufman

This radio interview with Jiggy Jaguar, July 13, 2011, focuses on Hanshi Kaufman’s Self-Revealization Acceptance books along with information about The Book of Five Rings, The Art of War, Sword in the Boardroom, and the Hanshi David Mann novels. Hanshi also talks about his beginning on Okinawa where he first became involved with karate. The first minute is […]