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Self-Revealization Acceptance – A Book Review

The following book review was given by Bohdi Sanders, author of Modern Bushido: Living a Life of Excellence. I was given Self-Revealization Acceptance by a friend and I have to confess I am guilty of judging a book by its cover at times. My first reaction was that this doesn’t seem like something I am […]

Controlling and Managing by Your Own Ability

Excerpt from The Shogun’s Scroll Shunko Zabayashi knew the importance of using his own resources when he effected a coup against his cousin in Tarama Province. He carefully thought about his actions before moving into position to take control of the clan. Although his cousin was a man of wealth, he was a squanderer, always insulting others who […]

Sun Tzu Speaks

from Sword in the Boardroom – Conversations with Sun Tzu and Musashi on Winning for the Benefit of All Concerned Sun Tzu: Masters speak of walking in the manner of yin and yang. They do not mean that each aspect of walking is either yin or yang. You do not tell yourself to move the left […]

A New Year, a New You!

What things have you not accomplished in 2011? Why not? Give yourself the opportunity to create new realities for yourself in the coming new year. After all, you do have the right to live in joy and freedom! Self-Revealization Acceptance will take you to new heights of awareness that you only dreamed of previously. Practicing Self-Revealization […]

Hanshi Speaks on the Rhett Palmer Radio Show

Hanshi Speaks on the Rhett Palmer Radio Show in Vero Beach, Florida 12/1/2011 Hanshi Steve Kaufman talks about Self-Revealization Acceptance and the simplicity of making your life pleasant and enjoyable while you live your life in joy and freedom. To listen to the two part interview, follow these links: http://redroom.com/member/sfkaufman/media/audio/hanshi-speaks-on-the-rhett-palmer-radio-show-part-i http://redroom.com/member/sfkaufman/media/audio/hanshi-speaks-on-the-rhett-palmer-radio-show-part-ii For more information on the author […]

The Power of Self-Revealization Acceptance

Self-revealization acceptance leads you quickly and intelligently into the position of accepting the tangible experience of your desire. It cuts through all of the chaff that keeps you associated with erroneous ideas of guilt, unworthiness, or any form of “negative sentiment” and “manipulative grace”. These two nullifying factors of life’s pleasures are now briefly discussed […]

Bookviews by Alan Caruba

A monthly report on the best in new fiction and non-fiction books. Alan Caruba is a charter member of the National Book Critics Circle and has been reviewing for more than five decades.  Bookviews – November 2011 By Alan Caruba Founding member of the National Book Critics Circle My Picks of the Month Stephen F. […]

Conversations with Channer – An Hour with Hanshi Stephen Kaufman

I have been interviewed by Harold Channer for his show, “Conversations with Channer.” It is also available on YouTube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPM_dTaJeBI  It is a completely off the cuff chat and is unedited along with my sneeze and cough. I talk about everything: from my books, to current events, to martial arts, etc. It will be aired on […]

The Mentality of Being a Warrior

 from the Book of Water The whole mentality of being a “warrior” is based on the idea of winning, and winning is the only thing you should be interested in. Winning for your own self-assurance. Winning for your own true benefit, though you are considering the benefit of all concerned. The strategy of attack-no-attack does […]

Self-Revealization Acceptance Explained

Wednesday, October 12, on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network Cable TV show, Hanshi’s World, I will be giving an introduction to the complete course of study in SELF-REVEALIZATION ACCEPTANCE, the most profound reality facilitation concept ever presented ANYWHERE,  starting with “Everything and Everyone in the Universe is a Complete and Total Success.” There will be, as […]

The Shogun’s Scroll Available for Pre-Order

  The completely revised hardcover edition of The Shogun’s Scroll is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble as a pre-order at a special price. For more info on the author and to purchase books, visit http://www.hanshi.com

Advanced Studies in Self-Revealization Acceptance

My Negativity is Rescinded in Totality I now establish and accept into my life impenetrable defenses against any expressions of incorrect thinking, negative sentiment, or manipulative grace that can interfere with my divine right to live in joy and freedom. I adamantly deny authority to to any thoughts, persons, or things that can or will […]