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The Consequences of Erroneous Commitment

Erroneous commitment develops as a situation in which all the information leading up to the actualization of a decision is either incomplete or is biased due to the needs of special interest groups or disparate forces competing for recognition. It usually incorporates the ignoring of real requirements of the masses involved with the outcome of […]

The Art of War: Using the Power of Heaven

Excerpt from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War It is important for the warlord to manage all of his resources by maintaining personal control over them. He may delegate authority in certain respects but is still primarily responsible for his own welfare. It does not matter if there are many affairs to control or if there […]

The Shogun’s Philosophy

Most people fail in life because they are not aware of the internal power they have or the manner in which they can increase their usage of it. The inner self is impersonal; it is not a “thing.” The true meaning of personal development is in the true acceptance of your own personal being. It […]

Controlling and Managing by Your Own Ability

Excerpt from The Shogun’s Scroll Shunko Zabayashi knew the importance of using his own resources when he effected a coup against his cousin in Tarama Province. He carefully thought about his actions before moving into position to take control of the clan. Although his cousin was a man of wealth, he was a squanderer, always insulting others who […]

How Power Comes to Be

Excerpt from The Shogun’s Scroll Power is a private matter, recently structured as new or passed from generation to generation, being subject to the fates and a man’s desire. The civil domain is maintained by means of subjecting the population by force, irrespective of appearance, and only works when there is respect for the leader. […]

Hanshi Kaufman Introduces The Shogun’s Scroll

This is the re-release of the original “Shogun Scrolls.” Tuttle Publishing considers the message within to be worthy of reprint and has released my work in a hardcover edition. Written as a work of docu-fiction in the voice of Hidetomo Nakadai, a late 12th century regent and scholar in the court of Japan’s first shogun, Minamoto Yoritomo, […]

Shogun’s Scroll Is Now Available

This is the re-release of the original Shogun Scrolls. Tuttle Publishing considers the message within to be worthy of reprint and has released my work in a hardcover edition. Written as a work of docu-fiction in the voice of Hidetomo Nakadai, a late 12th century regent and scholar in the court of Japan’s first shogun, […]

Conversations with Channer – An Hour with Hanshi Stephen Kaufman

I have been interviewed by Harold Channer for his show, “Conversations with Channer.” It is also available on YouTube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPM_dTaJeBI  It is a completely off the cuff chat and is unedited along with my sneeze and cough. I talk about everything: from my books, to current events, to martial arts, etc. It will be aired on […]

The Shogun’s Scroll Available for Pre-Order

  The completely revised hardcover edition of The Shogun’s Scroll is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble as a pre-order at a special price. For more info on the author and to purchase books, visit http://www.hanshi.com

The Importance of Correct Spiritual and Physical Bearing in Strategy

from The Book of Water The manner in which a warrior carries himself is of the utmost importance both physically and mentally. You are undoubtedly familiar with men who are quiet and strong and seem to be doing nothing. They do not appear to be tense and do not appear to be in disarray. They […]

The Art of War – Fierceness in Combat

From Book 12 – Fierceness in Combat Fierceness is a natural state when troops see the wisdom of their leader. Correct tactics are required to ensure that any approach to the enemy will be consistent with victory. It is the perceptive warlord who prepares for any eventuality and accepts victory with a glad heart. To […]

Radio Interview with Hanshi Stephen Kaufman

This radio interview with Jiggy Jaguar, July 13, 2011, focuses on Hanshi Kaufman’s Self-Revealization Acceptance books along with information about The Book of Five Rings, The Art of War, Sword in the Boardroom, and the Hanshi David Mann novels. Hanshi also talks about his beginning on Okinawa where he first became involved with karate. The first minute is […]