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BOOK 1 – CONSIDERATIONS AND ESTIMATIONS FOR WAR PART 5 Destroy your enemy in any way you can, but never forget that he may have resources as well and may be prepared for your attack. Consider him a fool for self-aggrandizement if it is appropriate, but do not become vain in your estimation of him […]


BOOK 1 – CONSIDERATIONS AND ESTIMATIONS FOR WAR PART 1 Conflict is essential to the development and growth of man and society. It leads either to the construction or destruction of an entire group or state. As a leader of men, you should understand this concept without question. If you do not understand the need […]

An Astonishing Book Review

I have recently been made aware of an astonishing review of my version of Sun Tzu’s Art of War by Alexander Tipton who will be graduating from Southeastern Louisiana University this June. The reason I say ‘astonishing’ is not because it is an accolade for my work, but rather that it is an example of […]

The Art of War: Using the Power of Heaven

Excerpt from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War It is important for the warlord to manage all of his resources by maintaining personal control over them. He may delegate authority in certain respects but is still primarily responsible for his own welfare. It does not matter if there are many affairs to control or if there […]

The Art of War – Fierceness in Combat

From Book 12 – Fierceness in Combat Fierceness is a natural state when troops see the wisdom of their leader. Correct tactics are required to ensure that any approach to the enemy will be consistent with victory. It is the perceptive warlord who prepares for any eventuality and accepts victory with a glad heart. To […]

From the forthcoming “Warfear – Inculcating Sincere Terror in the Heart and Mind of the Enemy”

It is never necessary to concern yourself with the intentions of the enemy. Your intention, based on planning and awareness of your desire to see the enemy destroyed, should be acted on before the enemy knows what is going on or can even deploy a defensive measure. Awareness of the enemy’s objective abilities, coupled with […]

Recognition from the Nepal Khukuri Society and World Grandmasters Assn.

Dai Soke Dr. Jagdish Singh Khatri of the World International Combat Martial Arts Society and Asian Grandmaster Association has sent me the above recognition from his organization. Dr. Khatri is also the founder and Dai Soke of Nepal Khukuri Martial Arts. He is headquartered in Mumbai, India.  Dr. Khatri has also written a comprehensive history […]

A Warrior’s Attitude

from Book Four – How to Think of War Those skilled in the arts of war permit the Spirit of the Heavens to flow within and without themselves. They do not try to coerce Heaven into thinking in their own favor, but seek to do that which they believe and accept to be the correct […]

The Way of the Warrior

from The Book of Earth It must be understood that training is never completed. When the warrior thinks that training is over, he will find that the “spirit of the thing itself” he has been studying will elude him and fail to provide him with any future revelations. He must never stop training. In this […]

In the Words of Sun Tzu

from Book 2 Care must be taken not to humiliate the enemy troops more than is required for quick victory. The more humiliation you place on the enemy, the more vengeance he will crave, and the more intense his action will be. If you intend to subjugate the enemy, do so within the constraints of […]

One Way—Two Swords

from the Book of Earth It is common for a warrior to carry two swords. One is a long sword and the other is a short sword. The name for the swords varies from place to place and time to time. My school teaches the proper use of both swords in combat even though a […]

In the Words of Sun Tzu

from Book One Correct strategies must be developed by methods that enable the warlord to bring about the implementation of his true beliefs. It does not matter how he does this. He must, however, make sure that his own house is protected before going into the field. Going into the field means that all preparations […]