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Hanshi Kaufman – Author of world’s best-selling version of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings  Improvisation and Performance in Hebi-Ryu Kata In the execution of a downward deflection, (erroneously called a “block”) followed by a punch there is always a slight hesitation. Everyone has experienced this moment—there is a deflection, a miniscule hesitation and then a […]

Hanshi Kaufman Teaches Kata

Hanshi Kaufman executes and teaches rudiments of Bassai Dai with variations developed through classical demonstration, and then explains improvisation as a training aspect of his school, Hebi Ryu Budo – School of the Snake. Watch for his soon to be released new book, Kata – Analysis, Practice, and Improvisation: An In-depth study of Kata Wisdom. […]

Video Clip from an Ongoing Martial Arts Project

From an ongoing work by Miguel Parga. Very excellently done trailer from the AWMA (Asian World of Martial Arts) Living Legends project.   For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit http://www.hanshi.com

Hanshi’s World – Interview and Seminar with Hanshi Charles Bonet

Hanshi Charles Bonet talks about his early years in the art of Shorin Ryu karate and teaches Chinte, an advanced kata form, at the May 26, 2013 seminar given with Kyoshi Stephen Rittersporn in NYC.

Hebi-Do Kata 1 with Demonstration

Hebi-Do Kata 1 Earth: Elbow and Knee Attacks   Upon learning the basic moves in a kata, most students assume that it is proper to move to the next kata because the movement in the next kata may seem more intense; they look “cooler,” “snappier,” etc. Use any adjective you wish. Though the moves in […]

Kata – Theory, Analysis, and Practice – Part 3

 KATA Theory, Analysis, and Practice The Complete Philosophy of Dojo no Hebi – School of the Snake By Stephen F. Kaufman, Hanshi 10th Dan Shodai Soke, Hebi-ryu Karate-do    Concepts of Attack and Kata Terminology There are three concepts of attack essential to the “warrior” mentality. Well-meaning, non-knowing teachers speak of these attitudes quite frequently via […]

KATA – Theory, Analysis, and Practice – Part 2

Photos of Hanshi Kaufman in the early days, circa 1958   KATA Theory, Analysis and Practice The Complete Philosophy of Dojo no Hebi—School of the Snake By Stephen F. Kaufman, Hanshi 10th Dan Shodai Soke, Hebi-ryu Karate-do   Initial considerations for performance and an explanation of improvisation As an example, in the execution of a […]

KATA – Theory, Analysis, and Practice – Part 1

 KATA Theory, Analysis, and Practice The Complete Philosophy of Dojo no Hebi – School of the Snake by Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman   I began work on this treatise in 1994 as an adjunct to the release of my version of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings for the Martial Artist. I have continued to work on […]

Iaido and Meditation

Meditation during practice consists of thinking about what you are going to do before you attempt to execute a tactic or technique and seeing it done as an extension of your expectation. Some call this visualization; the term is unnecessary. Most people are unable to quickly advance in their chosen discipline because they simply do […]