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Silent Moon Book Review

Book Review: “Silent Moon – The Story of a Sword” by Shihan Dana Abbott Silent Moon – The Story of a Sword is a terrific read for all. From page one, I was ingeniously thrown into chaos and conflict: hand to hand combat, samurai swords, and machine guns cutting down soldiers on the beaches of […]

Study Martial Arts with Grandmaster Hanshi Kaufman

Grandmaster Hanshi Stephen Kaufman is accepting PRIVATE students to study the true Way. WHERE: Upper Eastside Manhattan STUDY: Martial Arts teachings based on Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, of which my version has influenced hundreds of thousands of students and practitioners throughout the world. CONTACT: Email @sfk422@gmail.com Visit http://www.hanshi.com for more info on Hanshi Stephen […]

Weekend Workshops with Hanshi Kaufman

Hanshi Kaufman’s Central Park Dojo

HANSHI KAUFMAN’S CENTRAL PARK DOJO The return of the legendary workouts… HEBI RYU BUDO Karate, Iaido, Sai, Kenjutsu, Stick fighting, Self-defense What we practice on any given day is what I feel like working on, so bring bokken, stick, sai, etc. NO LIVE WEAPONS, i.e., knives, steel swords, etc. Wear sneakers and comfortable clothes. (I […]

Martial Arts Catalog of Instruction

HANSHI KAUFMAN’S BUDO TEACHINGS Hanshi Kaufman has been practicing the martial way since 1957, when he began his studies on Okinawa while serving in the United States Air Force. Hanshi Kaufman is the founder and master of Hebi Ryu Budo™ – School of the Snake, developed from the roots of ancient Shaolin and Okinawan karate. […]

KATA – Theory, Analysis, and Practice – Part 1

 KATA Theory, Analysis, and Practice The Complete Philosophy of Dojo no Hebi – School of the Snake by Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman   I began work on this treatise in 1994 as an adjunct to the release of my version of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings for the Martial Artist. I have continued to work on […]

Iaido and Meditation

Meditation during practice consists of thinking about what you are going to do before you attempt to execute a tactic or technique and seeing it done as an extension of your expectation. Some call this visualization; the term is unnecessary. Most people are unable to quickly advance in their chosen discipline because they simply do […]

Essential Deliberateness of Intent in Mastery

It is of primary importance to understand the motivations for your desire to excel in anything. This takes into consideration more than you would normally imagine because of what is entailed in your sincere striving. It is not enough to simply “wanna be” a version of what you are using for visual representation of your […]