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On Controlling All Aspects of the Realm:The Shogun Scrolls of Hidetomo Nakadai,Court Counselor to Minamoto Yoritomo, 1st Shogun of Japan The Proper Application of Cruelty and EvilChapter 8 When a man aspires to greatness, he must inevitably use cruelty to attain his ends. This cruelty must be wisely applied. Not to use cruelty indicates a […]

THE LIVING TAO by Stephen F. Kaufman

Poem Number 13 speaks of ruling the people and how the realm should be maintained to continue peace and prosperity. To learn more about this illuminating work and to buy an autographed copy visit: http://the-living-tao.weebly.com Poem Number Thirteen “Only he should rule who understands all people are the same. Only he should rule who loves […]