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Death does not exist and only reveals nextness Wisdom does not permit the end of itself A man can only learn to move forward in any direction Not being concerned with what went before He should not care for the rewards of the day Seeking only that which can enhance his own reality He does […]

Query from a Young Martial Arts Student About Death

Hello Sensei, My name is xxxxxxxx, and I am 19 years old. I have studied martial arts for a good portion of my life and continue today. I have developed an interest in the philosophical side of the arts and I was wondering if you could offer some guidance. I have always struggled with anxiety, […]

Hanshi Kaufman on Questions Concerning the Age of the Universe, the Earth, and the Concept of Death

Questions: I’m debating with someone who claims to know how old the Earth, Universe is. Claiming 14 billion years. I told him nobody really knows; it’s all speculation, opinions, theories. I can appreciate science, scientists, the intellectual elite … But some things are not meant to be known, namely 3 things … 1 and 2 […]

What Happens When We Die

from the wisdom of (KA-ufma-zn) Disciple: “Master, what happens when we die?’ Master: “Nothing! You don’t.” Disciple: “We don’t?” Master: “No. You go to sleep and wake up on the other side.” Disciple: “What other side?” Master: “That.” Disciple: ”What’s ‘that?” Master: “Exactly.”