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STANZA 1 The true way is unknown and so is the untrue way There are no names to understand It Creation does not care that It is the source of creation Emanating as some thing It is not without nourishment Mysteries are revealed Become Its way Attain Its perfection Do not use words to describe […]

Sample Reading from the Living Tao

Some time back, Peggy Thompson, photographer extraordinaire, did a short visual presentation on my  Living Tao book. Here it is again for your enjoyment. For more info on The Living Tao and to purchase book, visit http://the-living-tao.weebly.com For more info on the author and full list of books, visit http://www.hanshi.com

To Maintain Control You Must Let Things Go

Though you have and hold you still do not possess To maintain control you must let things go If your house is filled with treasures your sleep is always uneasy You do not know when strangers will approach Take all you can and fill your coffers with gold   Throwing it back to the crowd […]