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THE UNIVERSAL ESSENCE OF THE BOOK OF FIVE RINGS – An Explanation of Emanations From the Void and the Acceptance of Mastery

THE UNIVERSAL ESSENCE OF THE BOOK OF FIVE RINGS – An Explanation of Emanations From the Void and the Acceptance of Mastery

(Higher elucidations of reality from my forthcoming work of the same title, … from the Introduction) There is no such thing as yin and yang, which is not to suggest that yin and yang do not exist. Therefore, as existent forms of yin and yang would consist of all temporal good and all temporal evil, […]

You Are Already Perfect!

Combined imagery and quote is an ongoing, collaborative project between myself and Peggy A Thompson.

Interview on Self-Revealization Acceptance

Dr. Kathleen Walls interviews Rev. Hanshi Stephen F Kaufman, Tuesday 3/18/14 at 8:30 Eastern, about Self-Revealization Acceptance™. Listen in as Reverend Kaufman explains the simple method for bringing about profound changes in your life. Call in and join the conversation 917-889-7765917-889-7765 or listen online http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sisters-in-harmony For more info on the author, visit hanshi.com Call Send […]

Training the Subconscious Mind to Act in Absolute Time

Training the Subconscious Mind to Act in Absolute Time From Extensions of Self-Revealization Acceptance Thought by Reverend Stephen Frederick Kaufman Founder, Self-Revealization Acceptance ™ It is a generally universal and common belief that there is no time or space plane existing in metaphysical or cosmic consciousness dimensions. Finite life uses the concepts of time and […]

A New Universe Opens And

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Freedom for the Self

In conversations with my students, I am sometimes asked to explain in words simply to understand how aspects of the universe work in conjunction with human beings. In answering such questions, briefly, here is my response as to how “things” come about. Heaven will grant only that which is asked for with fervent desire and […]