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I was recently a guest speaker on a Zoom videocast, having been approached by the coordinator of the online networking group. He asked if I would speak on a number of subjects, which he and his associates were familiar with, including my manner of presentation. One associate was supposedly connected to a major studio reportedly […]

Corroboration of President Trump’s Understanding of Sun Tzu’s Art of War

I am thrilled to acknowledge that President Trump is obviously a student of mine. His understanding of not telling the enemy anything is absolutely correct and essential. Compare the words in his Afghanistan speech of not telling the enemy anything about his plans, with the following paragraphs from my version of Sun Tzu’s Art of […]

Metaphor and Substance


Hanshi Kaufman on Questions Concerning the Age of the Universe, the Earth, and the Concept of Death

Questions: I’m debating with someone who claims to know how old the Earth, Universe is. Claiming 14 billion years. I told him nobody really knows; it’s all speculation, opinions, theories. I can appreciate science, scientists, the intellectual elite … But some things are not meant to be known, namely 3 things … 1 and 2 […]


Query from student whom I consider erudite in many things and not one to waste time by asking frivolous questions. Q: Sir, I would like to get your thoughts on revenge. Is it ever appropriate in these modern times to exact revenge on a person that has done you bad? Sun Tzu said if you […]

An Answer to My Negative Critics

My two books, Musashi’s Book of Five Rings and Sun Tzu’s Art of War, are STILL best-selling versions worldwide after 22 years. There must be a reason. Despite the petty negative reviews on Amazon, which I ignore, the fact remains that what I have written and taught is without doubt the truest expression of the […]

Letter to President Obama

Mr. President, try understanding that America is the greatest society on the planet and, more than likely, ever before in the history of civilization. Tell your puppet masters to step back and think about something besides their portfolios and consider the needs of “We the People.” You are completely out of touch and, given your […]

Lineage in the Martial Arts

Lineage in the Martial Arts – Whys, Wherefores, and So What! by Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman The recent uproar on the various sites and pages has shown that a big uprising about someone’s lineage in the martial arts has become the subject matter of choice. While this does bear merit in many instances, it should […]

Quote and Commentary from – Musashi’s Book of Five Rings

“Denigrate the enemy constantly and with great spirit. Do not acknowledge the possibility that the enemy is stronger than you. Do not accept the possibility that the enemy is smarter than you are in any way whatsoever. If you are aware of the Way of the warrior, you are aware of the Way of the […]