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THE UNIVERSAL ESSENCE OF THE BOOK OF FIVE RINGS – An Explanation of Emanations From the Void and the Acceptance of Mastery

(Higher elucidations of reality from my forthcoming work of the same title, … from the Introduction)

There is no such thing as yin and yang, which is not to suggest that yin and yang do not exist. Therefore, as existent forms of yin and yang would consist of all temporal good and all temporal evil, it is the implicit responsibility for people of all persuasion to overcome negativity and not need to focus on presumed aspects of good.

Here is the expansion of the ideas. First, understand that there is a direct correlation between all aspects of the ‘Rings,’ and that neither could function without the cosmic consciousness of all combined. It is the purpose of a personal ascension to higher dimensions of beingness that presuppose the need to eliminate ALL the variances and eliminate all forms of alleged evil, leaving only the aspects of good, which, by definition of reality, would not need to exist. Hence, there is no such thing as yin and yang…

The Void, which I have previously taught as being not nothing, which is something by definition, but no-thing, which goes beyond the totality of comprehension. In conscious form, the remaining ‘Rings’ are earth, water, fire, and air. Each having the essence of presumed understanding by any individual.

Earth and the resultant material world form all so-called seven sins and results in the hideous torment and pain of lack, loss, and limitation that any person would suffer regardless of presumed innocence.

Water is for the growth and development of all forms of pleasure, both good and evil, and enhances appetites for more incorrectly understood egotistical growth and a not inconsiderate level of awareness of having and not having.

Fire comprises pride, vengeance, retribution, and anger, at least, and the resultant anguishes that culminate in conflict and frustration for the soul, when it is not directed toward its own cessation.

Air is the basis of non-substance, or absurdities. Higher understanding suggests paying no attention to what can be considered meaningless things, such as words of wisdom that can only confuse and abuse your well-being and interfere with the balance of a person’s psyche. This can lead to wasting time while trying to come to terms with something that has nothing to do with your accomplishments.

How the substance of these ideas actuate in your life is the ultimate meaning of Musashi’s ideas derived from the ancient teachings of all legit masters in times gone by. It would be smart to attempt to understand them from a new perspective how each ’Ring’ controls your destiny, or if you control your destiny, or if it is irrelevant that you even think you have the authority to enhance or even understand your destiny. You are part of a higher ‘ness,’ and only exacerbate your lifestyle conditions by attempting to overcome the reality of what you are because of not understanding who you are.

To be continued…

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WARNING! Don’t tread on US. #america #foreigninterference #patriotism #freedom #freedomofspeech #usarmedforces

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Still Time to Order for the Holidays from Hanshi Wisdom Press.

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AMAA Writer’s Award. Thanks to Jesse Bowen for this singular honor. 11/28/2020

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AMAA American Martial Arts Alliance interview – November 21, 2020

Here is the link for the Jesse Bowen AMAA (American Martial Arts Alliance) interview. Shared with Amanda Olson (Master Mom) and Gary Lee (Sports Karate Museum). Laid back and nice with good info for viewers. Check it out. Any questions – hanshi.com/contact and I will respond to all.

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Joie de vivre.

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