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Correcting Misconceptions of Miyamoto Musashi’s Wisdom

Most people, regardless of their sincerity, miss the point of randomly strewn lessons from the master.

A major example is to “fight as if one is already dead.”

Fighting as if you are already dead is not the same as fighting with everything you have. Acknowledging the finality of all things as death is true; however, someone who does “fight as if they are already dead” does not appreciate the value of living a life filled with joy and compassion and carries a burden of continued frustration and anger.

Fight with the idea that the enemy is dead. By accepting that the enemy is dead, and you having trained accordingly, you are merely dispatching him, her, or it, with dignity and aplomb and not self-destructive egocentrism.

Fighting relates to who has the most determination to win. Musashi teaches fighting as the deliverance of another’s demise, simple and straight forward, and should not be based on who is faster or stronger but who is one with power and quickness, whence comes strength and speed. Think only in terms of destroying the target.

Aside from the above, consider General George Patton’s advice to his soldiers: “I don’t want my boys to die for their country. I want the other sons of bitches to die for theirs.”

©Hanshi Stephen F Kaufman

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Hanshi Kaufman’s Ultimate Guide to Self-Defense: Carjacking Attacks

Carjacking has become a “modus operandi” for many street attacks. This is a very dangerous situation and you must use extreme discretion and “street smarts.” Make the determination as to the worth of your property relative to the worth of your life. In any event, basic precautions would include car keys being in hand as you approach the car, without having to fumble for them in a pocket or purse. Always observe the surrounding area before approaching the vehicle. If it is at night or a dimly lit area, park in a lighted area.

1 – If the door is open, you can use the door itself as a buffer between yourself and one of the attackers. Immediately slam the door into A1, screaming into his face. Turn and swipe the eyes of A2 with the keys. Try to get into the car and lock the doors.

2 – Kick the groin of A2 and follow up with an elbow under the jaw or side of the head. Step away from the car to prevent the door slamming back into you. Spit into A1’s face and instantly thrust fingers into the eyes. Get into the car, shut the door and lock it; start the car and drive away, over them if necessary. Keep your hand on the horn and do not let up until you get away. If you have a cell phone, immediately dial 911 and report an attempted rape or mugging in progress.

Realize that the scenarios you are training with are always subject to variation of any kind that may or may not happen in the manner you are training for. Don’t think in terms of what ifs. If you have a child with you and are approaching your car in a less than adequately lit area, call 911 and tell them you are being stalked or followed; you have a child with you and are frightened. This applies to men as well as women, young and old. Just do it and don’t think about it. A car will be dispatched and you will be escorted to your vehicle and allowed to get away unharmed. Do not consider this a bogus idea. It is valid and real.

It is important to hold keys correctly and that you fire with authority and resolve, striking to the eyes quickly and with authority. The harder you strike, the better it is for your protection.

For more info, visit https://ultimateself-defense.weebly.com/

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Napoleon Means Business

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Lessons from the Musician’s Book of Five Rings – Reaching into the Depths of Your Soul

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Lessons from The Musician’s Book of Five Rings – Improvisation

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Promo Video for The Musician’s Book of Five Rings


Author/Musician Steve Kaufman introduces his book, The Musician’s Book Of Five Rings and describes in detail the contents that are an invaluable resource of strategies based on Samurai philosophy to empower musician’s and composers to ascend to the highest level of performance and excellence of execution.


For more info, visit https://musiciansfiverings.weebly.com/

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Lessons from The Musician’s Book of Five Rings

The Musician’s Book of Five Rings

Samurai Strategies of Miyamoto Musashi for Excellence and Ascension of Performance

Nine Fundamental Strategic Precepts to Enhance Performance

There are nine fundamental precepts essential for the evolution and perfection of anyone wanting to accomplish anything of merit and long lasting worth. Know that practice and study are never completed. It is foolhardy to think in terms of having fulfilled all the requirements of study and no longer take into consideration the need for additional work and devotion. The “spirit of the thing itself” will do the same, and the artist will suffer. When warriors think they have learned all there is to learn about their particular weaponry, they, too, will find that the spirit of the tools they use has also departed. If you will to devote yourself to a specific discipline, then that discipline must be the totality of your life. If it is not, then you are merely a pretender, and although you may retain proficiency on certain levels, you cannot consider yourself to be worthy of attention to be derived from a muse.

1 – Always be sincere in your dealings with everyone and be aware of the need for the same with devotion to your art.

2 – The only way to ascend to greatness and to maintain it is with constant devotion and practice.

3 – Become familiar with every art you encounter. You will learn more about music when you examine the reality of other arts.

4 – Understand the “way” of other forms of expression to see more fully into your own, without prejudice.

5 – Know the difference between right and wrong, with all people. Do not succumb to seemingly false advantage by lack of discipline.

6 – Strive for inner judgment and understanding of all things.

7 – See what cannot be seen; hear what cannot be heard.

8 – Overlook nothing, regardless of seeming meaninglessness.

9 – Do not waste time idling with inconsequential trivialities, other than for relaxation

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Hanshi Kaufman Talks About the Musician’s Book of Five Rings

Link to my interview on Jimmy Jaguar Radio on 12/18/2018. Subject is The Musician’s Book of Five Rings. I spoke about inculcating the samurai mindset into a musician’s psyche and how it can empower a player’s ascension to the highest level of performance accomplishment by following the teachings in my version of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, (still the best-selling version in the world). Beginning 30 seconds lost due to call being dropped, but the remainder is intact.


For more info on the book and to order, visit http://musiciansfiverings.weebly.com


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Poem From “The Living Tao”

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The Musician’s Book of Five Rings Introduction – Part 3

The Musician’s Book of Five Rings

Samurai Strategies for Excellence of Performance

Introduction Part 3

The Book of Water explains how all things flow with a natural rhythm in appropriate space and time. Water fills all shapes regardless of other impositions as to its functionality. All things are eventually worn away by water—all things—and so you should think in terms of being able to wear away any impediments to your life and artistic development by not considering any form of impossibility or submitting to unreasonable fears that you may or may not self-impose. With correct determination, you will conquer any difficulty that presents itself, regardless of the form it represents. It is your consciousness that determines how you will ascend to mastery, and no amount of coercion from any source, positive or negative, will empower you to do this without your ardent desire to do it for yourself and for the art you practice. Reality is mostly intuitive, and the more you apply yourself to the acceptance of your own greatness, your greatness will empower itself in you, as you, and through you in all aspects of your life experiences.

If you would like to sponsor or recommend colleges, music schools, music stores, or other venue(s) near you to host a clinic or seminar contact me at stevekayemusic@gmail.com

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Quartertones for Saxophone

During my research and studies into microtonality and becoming familiar with the computer possibilities of alternate tunings for the acoustic horn, I worked on developing a quartertone platform for saxophone. This was more difficult than I had first thought, in that no mechanical device could be added to the body of the saxophone (i.e., a quartertone shift key), compared to adding a valve to a brass instrument. Additionally, tone control is hard to accomplish because of the variances in embouchure transitions, without bending. However, with some practice and ear training, it is possible to play note pluses and minuses in 50 cent variances.
Brief Bio of author: KAUFMAN, Steve b. 1939, NYC based composer (computer) synthesist, and focusing on microtonality since the early 60’s. (See article and chart in PITCH 1:4)
Article was originally published in PITCH for the International Microtonalist
Volume 1, #4, Spring 1990(C)Stephen F. Kaufman
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Musician’s Book of Five Rings – Introduction Part 2

The Musician’s Book of Five Rings
Samurai Strategies for Excellence of Performance
Introduction – Part 2

The Book of Earth represents the foundation and the groundwork of any art or craft and introduces you to a complete familiarization with the fundamentals as well as why it is essential to understand the mechanisms of other arts and disciplines. It is difficult to understand the universe by only acknowledging the sun and the moon; there are countless aspects, including stars, comets, and planets along with countless other galaxies and universe. Endeavor to know everything you can about any particular environment in which you include yourself. Though this may seem daunting at first, the reality is that once you are aware of other aspects in your universe, other universes will reveal the same truths, though with a different perspective. To know about these things will assist you in becoming more proficient in your own understanding and empower you to become excellent in your self-presentation as well as giving you additional tools to perform on higher levels of consciousness and musicianship. Contemplation of these matters is essential if you are to ascend to the magnificence of your desires and dreams.

Buy an autographed copy here: www.hanshi.com
If you would like to sponsor or recommend colleges, music schools, music stores, or other venue(s) near you to host a clinic or seminar contact me at: stevekayemusic@gmail.com
©SFK 2018 – ISBN 978-1-56224-323-4 http://musiciansfiverings.weebly.com
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