A Special Birthday Message


I Remember Ms. Thatcher d’Bop

Thatcher came into my life when my now passed-on wife got her as a birthday present … way back when. At first, I wasn’t thrilled with having a dog in a New York apartment, especially one that was the runt of the litter, a fragile and frightened puppy at best. I eventually, (ten minutes after […]

Letter to President Obama

Mr. President, try understanding that America is the greatest society on the planet and, more than likely, ever before in the history of civilization. Tell your puppet masters to step back and think about something besides their portfolios and consider the needs of “We the People.” You are completely out of touch and, given your […]

Special Summer Book Sale Blowout

Hanshi Warrior Press Special Summer Book Sale Blowout Books by Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman Get 20% off orders of two or more books, plus free shipping until Labor Day. This deal is only available when you order through PayPal. Email your order and make payment to hanshi422@earthlink.net. For a complete list of my books, view […]

In Praise of Elitism

Recently, I have been accused of being an elitist and that I don’t evidence myself with enough humility and humbleness. I do understand and accept the need to maintain an open society for professionals and amateurs in all disciplines and I am all in favor of this, despite the internet being a forum for anyone […]

In Defense of the Politically Confused: An Overview of America’s Potential Demise

It is amazing that in the times we are living there seems to be no control being exercised on the so-called leaders of the major world governments: all of them trying to rattle their swords as major world powers because they are supported by a laissez-faire attitude from the American front. From the staging of […]

Random Thoughts on Writing

Any book that is written is an expression of the writer’s own delusion and fantasy. Dialectic or non-dialectic ideas are either functional or not functional, depending on the contrived needs of the moment. That is also why it makes no difference if there is war or peace, hunger or plenty, good or evil, etc. The […]

Tears and Cheers

On Veteran’s Day I was honored to be among the marching warriors that carried the significant banner of the Wounded Warriors Project. This is a very special event, and even though it was part of the Veteran’s Day parade in New York City, it held a special place for me and caused me to truly reflect […]

Remembering a Day of Tragedy

As we prepare to mourn again the tragic loss of life that occurred on September 11, 2001, and the 10th anniversary, it is incumbent upon every American to acknowledge the diabolical events of that day that equates along with FDR’s Pearl Harbor message of a “day that will live in infamy.” Some people call 9/11 […]

Hanshi Kaufman Strikes

Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman has inked multiple book deals with two heavy-duty traditional publishers who have recognized the importance and value of his writings and teachings. Tuttle Publishing has contracted with the author for a re-packaging of a classic written in contemporary form entitled, The Shogun Scrolls. This controversial content of this book when first […]

Who is Stephen F. Kaufman?

Many publishers and agents have difficulty in coming to terms with determining what my “platform” actually is and have asked me to elucidate on my work. “He writes about martial arts philosophy, management strategy and motivation, Taoism, fighting techniques, reality facilitation, spiritual ascension, children’s books, down and dirty gritty novels, male-female relationships, women’s empowerment, poems, […]

Leadership 101

I have been asked to post the video link to my campaign platform 2 minute talk that was aired by NBC when I ran for NYC Councilman, District 5, in 2009. I culled an amazing 26% of the vote for a first time candidate with four months of campaigning against an incumbent and without the […]