Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance Book

Welcome my new edition of Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance – 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life. One can order the book directly from my hanshi.com website, personally autographed, or directly through Amazon. Take your choice. As well, the Kindle eBook edition is available. For more info on the author, Stephen F. Kaufman, visit hanshi.com To […]

This is a Wonderful Day

Here is an SRA that I personally use everyday. It keeps me focused on what I think is important in my own life and prevents me from falling into the morass of indifference and mediocrity. from Self-Revealization Acceptance. A gift for all of you. SELF-REVEALIZATION ACCEPTANCE This is a Wonderful Day I accept this day […]

Selflessness as Pure Selfishness

Selflessness as Pure Selfishness by Rev. Stephen F. Kaufman      We are constantly reminded by various sources that it is best to give completely of ourselves to others without expectation of reward or special favor as a path of spiritual harmony or, as some may call it, salvation or redemption. Selfless giving, we are told, […]

Stephen F. Kaufman is Awarded Doctor of Divinity Degree

Stephen F. Kaufman is the founder and master of Self-Revealization Acceptance®, the profound reality facilitation system being recognized world-wide that brings about instantly desired results. He has recently been awarded a Doctor of Divinity Degree and is an ordained minister with all attendant rights and privileges. The Doctor of Divinity Degree is in recognition of […]

What Happens When We Die

from the wisdom of (KA-ufma-zn) Disciple: “Master, what happens when we die?’ Master: “Nothing! You don’t.” Disciple: “We don’t?” Master: “No. You go to sleep and wake up on the other side.” Disciple: “What other side?” Master: “That.” Disciple: ”What’s ‘that?” Master: “Exactly.”

Interview on Self-Revealization Acceptance

Dr. Kathleen Walls interviews Rev. Hanshi Stephen F Kaufman, Tuesday 3/18/14 at 8:30 Eastern, about Self-Revealization Acceptance™. Listen in as Reverend Kaufman explains the simple method for bringing about profound changes in your life. Call in and join the conversation 917-889-7765917-889-7765 or listen online http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sisters-in-harmony For more info on the author, visit hanshi.com Call Send […]

Training the Subconscious Mind to Act in Absolute Time

Training the Subconscious Mind to Act in Absolute Time From Extensions of Self-Revealization Acceptance Thought by Reverend Stephen Frederick Kaufman Founder, Self-Revealization Acceptance ™ It is a generally universal and common belief that there is no time or space plane existing in metaphysical or cosmic consciousness dimensions. Finite life uses the concepts of time and […]

Self-Revealization Acceptance Seminars

Visit Stephen F. Kaufman’s website, http://www.hanshi.com

Self-Revealization Acceptance for Prosperity

Many of my followers have asked me to give more examples of my Self-Revealization Acceptance concept. Here is a brand new SRA that anyone can use to create their own realities. Remember that YOU have the creative power to manifest what you truly desire. It is your Divine Right to live in joy and freedom. […]

Courses and Seminars in Life Enhancement Skills

What follows is my latest catalog of Courses and Seminars in Life Enhancement Skills, based on the teachings of a few of my published books. For more information or to receive the complete, color catalog of courses, contact the author via his homepage, hanshi.com The Sword in the Boardroom ”Winning for the benefit of all […]

The Necessity of Ridding the Self of Mental Reservation

The Necessity of Ridding the Self of Mental Reservation by Stephen F. Kaufman, Founder and Master of Self-Revealization Acceptance® Mental reservation is your own brand of manipulative grace that you put upon yourself or impressed yourself with, based on experiences you have had in your life. Though you think in terms of definitely doing this, […]

Stop the Fantasies That Debilitate Accomplishment

Stop the Fantasies That Debilitate Accomplishment by Stephen F. Kaufman, Founder and Master of Self-Revealization Acceptance® Stop wasting energy that drains your sense of self and forces you to deal with false scenarios, but do not confuse mundane fantasies with the true use of your imagination. Imagination is what keeps you going and creates new […]