Author Meet & Greet

Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman is a world renown Grandmaster martial artist and is best-selling author of Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings and Sun Tzu’s Art of War, as well as The Living Tao, The Shogun’s Scroll, The Sword in the Boardroom, Cherry Blossoms for Children, Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance, and many other books. For more […]

Haiku for Miyamoto Musashi

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A Master Who ‘Knows’

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Hanshi Warrior Press Books

Super Holiday Book Sale – Part 2

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Hanshi Kaufman on Questions Concerning the Age of the Universe, the Earth, and the Concept of Death

Questions: I’m debating with someone who claims to know how old the Earth, Universe is. Claiming 14 billion years. I told him nobody really knows; it’s all speculation, opinions, theories. I can appreciate science, scientists, the intellectual elite … But some things are not meant to be known, namely 3 things … 1 and 2 […]

Sample Reading from the Living Tao

Some time back, Peggy Thompson, photographer extraordinaire, did a short visual presentation on my  Living Tao book. Here it is again for your enjoyment. For more info on The Living Tao and to purchase book, visit For more info on the author and full list of books, visit

Speculation of the Beyond

Speculation of the Beyond by Stephen F. Kaufman   speculations of the beyond non-linear thinking in and out of wormhole consciousness and cognizance no past present future non-dimensional realities non-dimensional other realities being inside the outside abstract solidity generator the cube infinity is in the finite causation is non-existent substance of emanation all emanation is […]

Are Our Destinies Predetermined?

From the Teachings of Hanshi Kaufman Student: Sensei, do you believe our destinies are predetermined? Sensei: That goes back to the old fate and free will paradigm, yin and yang nonsense. I no longer allow myself to harass my brain into thinking on those levels and merely accept things, as they are with what little […]