The Burning Darkness of Illusory Enlightenment

from The Teachings of Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman Enlightenment is not a state of overall awareness that one remains in as a permanent finite mental condition. There are too many parameters a person has to contend with of a subjective nature unless having transcended physical reality, and that is hardly possible unless complete detachment from […]

“Intuitive Knowingness” Chapter Review

For those of you who have been following chapter reviews from my book Self-Revealization Acceptance in issues of Kinetics Magazine, the latest issue is out. The publisher of the magazine, Katherine Brinkley, has done a marvelous re-do of the site. I invite you to take a look. Below is a snippet from the article. “Intuition […]

Simplicity Always Wins Against Sophistication

… from a social media conversation: Q: I always get confused when trying to determine what is simple in life and what is sophisticated. There are times when I believe the simplest thing to do is to let things happen by themselves, but then I need to understand more fully what simplicity is, and I […]

Tis the Season to Give—Books

Hanshi Warrior Press would like to make a few reading recommendations for friends, family and, yes…yourself! We have a few ongoing specials. Order ANY 2 books and get ANY 3rd book for free.  Also, if you order any 1 book you may receive a free copy of the original, out of print book, Zen and […]

New Book Title Pages

Just a note to inform my readers that I have created book title pages for each of my published works. There you will find detailed info on each book. Most pages have their own style and design. I hope you will find them to be of interest and informative. You can find the links on […]

Stephen F. Kaufman Featured in Kinetics Magazine

For those of you who have been following my Self-Revealization Acceptance™ articles in Kinetics Magazine, I am featured on the cover of this month’s issue (Nov/Dec 2012), along with both a written and an audio interview by the publisher of the magazine, Kathryn Peters-Brinkley, who is the author of Jewels for the Soul: Spiritual Treasures […]

Getting the Most Out of Self-Revealization Acceptances

Self-revealization acceptance is not to be confused with an affirmation! It is a direct link to the Creative Power of the Universe and may, therefore, be considered a specific key to the desire you want to experience. In my book, Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance – 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life, the generic format of […]

Understanding the Motivation of the Universe

I am recognized throughout the world as a leading voice in the development of personal consciousness motivation and spiritual enlightenment. Periodically, I receive interesting questions concerning other philosophies: secular or religious. Here is one that I received from a person in India. My response is such that you may perhaps be threatened, but the reality […]

A Taste of Manipulative Grace

We live the major part of our lives under the constant pressure of things we create for ourselves based on misconceptions. Until clarity of purpose becomes a determining factor in our own experiences, others will have our tacit permission to create “things” that control significant parts of our lives. This manifests in our creation of […]

Self-Revealization Acceptance Article in Kinetics Emag

For those of you who have been following my Self-Revealization Acceptance articles in Kinetics Emag, the July/August issue is now available. IT Is Whole and Complete Complete joy and freedom cannot be experienced if any form of lack, loss, and limitation exists in consciousness. Constant repetition of self-revealization acceptance is needed to eliminate these obstacles […]

Metaphysics in Martial Disciplines – Part Two

Question 2 – Thank you very much for taking the time to answer so thoroughly. I realize that the subject matter I was questioning isn’t exactly conducive to the “short-answer,” but I very much appreciate you not treating it as such. It’s taken me this long to respond, due mostly to the impact your response […]

Metaphysics in Martial Disciplines – Part One

This is a lengthy article, and I have broken it into two parts so as not to jam up readers, based on the concepts I will be talking about. I receive many questions and comments about my work and what I have accomplished in the martial disciplines for more than five decades. Every so often […]