Stephen F. Kaufman

My Position on Veteran’s Affairs

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My Position on Gun Control

Stephen F. Kaufman United States Congress 2020, District 12, New York MY POSITION ON GUN CONTROL A major consideration for anyone in public office, or seeking public office, is the necessity to provide understanding of the Constitution for the relevant voter bloc and, in this particular case, the 2nd amendment. Much argumentation from both sides […]

Kaufman for Congress Announcement

Stephen F. Kaufman, Independent, for United States Congress, District 12, New York THE LUNACY MUST STOP! The time has come for radical change in government and the manner in which it addresses the needs, the viable needs, of the people in District 12, New York. The seat is currently held by Democratic incumbent, Carolyn Maloney, […]

The Musician’s Book of Five Rings – Goals

Ch’i and the Creative Power of the Universe

I came across this early this morning as I was looking for some NEW music and was pleasantly surprised to find an article I had written in September, 2012. How it came to be in the Musica de Todo el Mundo Facebook group is interesting and also shows the power of the internet. The teaching […]

Correcting Misconceptions of Miyamoto Musashi’s Wisdom

Most people, regardless of their sincerity, miss the point of randomly strewn lessons from the master. A major example is to “fight as if one is already dead.” Fighting as if you are already dead is not the same as fighting with everything you have. Acknowledging the finality of all things as death is true; […]

Hanshi Kaufman’s Ultimate Guide to Self-Defense: Carjacking Attacks

Carjacking has become a “modus operandi” for many street attacks. This is a very dangerous situation and you must use extreme discretion and “street smarts.” Make the determination as to the worth of your property relative to the worth of your life. In any event, basic precautions would include car keys being in hand as […]

Napoleon Means Business

Lessons from the Musician’s Book of Five Rings – Reaching into the Depths of Your Soul

Lessons from The Musician’s Book of Five Rings – Improvisation

Promo Video for The Musician’s Book of Five Rings

  Author/Musician Steve Kaufman introduces his book, The Musician’s Book Of Five Rings and describes in detail the contents that are an invaluable resource of strategies based on Samurai philosophy to empower musician’s and composers to ascend to the highest level of performance and excellence of execution.   For more info, visit

Lessons from The Musician’s Book of Five Rings

The Musician’s Book of Five Rings Samurai Strategies of Miyamoto Musashi for Excellence and Ascension of Performance Nine Fundamental Strategic Precepts to Enhance Performance There are nine fundamental precepts essential for the evolution and perfection of anyone wanting to accomplish anything of merit and long lasting worth. Know that practice and study are never completed. […]