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Celebrating 25 Years of Success

To celebrate 25 years of successful sales of my interpretation of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Tuttle Publishing will be releasing a hard cover version of the book on November 30, 2021. Preorders are now being taken at The Art of War by Sun Tzu is the best known book on military strategy ever […]

MU not KU

Musashi’s Book of Five Rings The Definitive Interpretation Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman In my version of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, I use the term ‘mu’ rather than ‘ku’ in the last section I refer to as No-Thing. Since the first publication of my version, in 1993, and having sold over 1.3 million copies, making […]


Your Divine and Earthly Right to Live in Joy and Freedom Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance® Week 52 – My Commitment Is Complete I proclaim my oneness with the Creative Power of the Universe and accept myself as a complete human being ready to move ahead with my life as I demand more and better in all […]

from The Shogun’s Scroll

The Proper Application of Cruelty and EvilbyHanshi Stephen Kaufman Chapter 8On Controlling All Aspects of the Realm:The Shogun Scrolls of Hidetomo Nakadai,Court Counselor to Minamoto Yoritomo, 1st Shogun of Japan When a man aspires to greatness, he must inevitably use cruelty to attain his ends. This cruelty must be wisely applied. Not to use cruelty […]

The Deplorable Evil of our Times and a Call to Arms by any Other Name

Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman We are witnessing the destruction of American society as we have known it for most of our lives. It is a horrific realization that those in power, regardless of how they got there, are completely bent on our society’s destruction. America has been the most powerful country on the planet through […]

What is a Target



Hanshi Kaufman – Author of world’s best-selling version of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings  Improvisation and Performance in Hebi-Ryu Kata In the execution of a downward deflection, (erroneously called a “block”) followed by a punch there is always a slight hesitation. Everyone has experienced this moment—there is a deflection, a miniscule hesitation and then a […]


Everything is becoming ‘old hat’. The news is continually redundant. Overwhelming amounts of information are leading towards insipid brainlessness. The war is boring. The economy is boring. The same stories repeated over and over are leading to a complete breakdown of interest and an ever-increasing rise of apathy. The information entertainment industry has become a […]

The Living Tao by Stephen F. Kaufman

Poem Number 13 speaks of ruling the people and how the realm should be maintained to continue peace and prosperity. To learn more about this illuminating work and to buy an autographed copy visit: Poem Number Thirteen “Only he should rule who understands all people are the same. Only he should rule who loves […]


Nothing more, nothing less.