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Still Time to Order for the Holidays from Hanshi Wisdom Press.

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AMAA Writer’s Award. Thanks to Jesse Bowen for this singular honor. 11/28/2020


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AMAA American Martial Arts Alliance interview – November 21, 2020

Here is the link for the Jesse Bowen AMAA (American Martial Arts Alliance) interview. Shared with Amanda Olson (Master Mom) and Gary Lee (Sports Karate Museum). Laid back and nice with good info for viewers. Check it out. Any questions – and I will respond to all.



Joie de vivre.

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Hanshi Returns To His Renowned Central Park Dojo

I continue to keep myself in condition for any martialist situation.Recently, I revisited my old haunts in central Park in New York and did some brief improvisational routines via various martial arts weapon including sai, stick, knife, and bokken. Feel free to comment.

The Living Tao – Stanza One

The true way is unknown and so is the untrue way There are no names to understand It Creation does not care that It is the source of creation Emanating as some thing It is not without nourishment Mysteries are revealed Become Its way Attain Its perfection Do not use words to describe Its no-thing-ness […]

Developing One’s Own Martial Arts System and Style

Developing One’s Own Martial Arts System and Style Hanshi Stephen F Kaufman Master and Founder of Hebi-Ryu Budo – School of the Snake Developing one’s own system and style does not simply suggest that anyone who thinks they have practiced for a period of time is capable or qualified to create a “style.” To many, […]