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Update on Musician’s Book of Five Rings

mbf-cover 2

An update on the progress of my new book release, The Musician’s Book of Five Rings – Samurai Strategies of Miyamoto Musashi for Excellence and Ascension of Performance.

We’re in the final stages of production. I received my book proof this past week and made necessary edits, and now it goes back to the publisher this week. Planning for a late September/early October release if all goes well with the final details.

To pique your interest, here’s the introduction to the book:

“You are holding in your hands a most unusual book. A true modern-day samurai, a master practitioner of the art of the sword, has adapted the centuries-old principles of attaining excellence in the martial arts to show you how to become a master in the field of music. This book is a roadmap into the mastery process—it will outline the process, step-by-step, toward the dual goal of self-mastery and mastery of the art of musicianship and performance.

Drawing on the work of the legendary Japanese martial artist Miyamoto Musashi, you will learn, among many other things, the most effective way to develop the discipline needed to be a great musician, the way to approach a musical performance, the importance of tradition in developing your art, and, most importantly, the over-arching ATTITUDE of mastery that will empower you to reach your highest musical potential.

In this day and age, it is most rare to find an individual that has devoted his life to this process of dual mastery—over oneself and one’s art. Hanshi Steve Kaufman is the real deal! He lives what he teaches and continues to dedicate his life to refining the highest principles of discipline and performance within himself and to share his extensive wisdom with countless aspiring students worldwide.

If you dream of being a great musician, the principles outlined in this book can light your path so that you, a realized master of your art, can burst forth into the world as a blazing artistic fire!”

Dave Frank

Author, Joy of Improvisation, Vol. 1+2 (Hal Leonard)

Assoc. Prof. of Piano, Berklee College of Music

Director, Dave Frank School of Jazz, NYC

For more information about Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit: www.hanshi.com

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