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Tis the Season to Give—Books

Hanshi Warrior Press would like to make a few reading recommendations for friends, family and, yes…yourself! We have a few ongoing specials. Order ANY 2 books and get ANY 3rd book for free.  Also, if you order any 1 book you may receive a free copy of the original, out of print book, Zen and the Art of Stick Fighting. This is the original, large size paperback format and not the smaller, revised edition released by Paladin Press. Please mention this blog post when ordering books to receive the special book deals. If you are a fan of Stephen F. Kaufman’s book, now is the time to stock up! Here is a portfolio of Hanshi Warrior Press books in a nutshell:

The Way of the Modern Warrior: Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Centurey – The newest edition to Stephen F. Kaufman’s works, published by Tuttle Publishing, Oct. 2012. A collection of 55 precepts and “warrior wisdom” that the author has accumulated over his 50 plus years of martial arts learning and teaching. Don’t the the title fool you! This book is designed for the everyday “warrior” in the modern world and is for everyone!



The Shogun’s Scroll: Wield Power and Control Your Destiny – A re-release in a beautifully designed hard cover by Tuttle Publishing, 2012. The historical fiction work offers timeless advice on success in war and success in life. The book is written in the voice of Hidetomo Nakadai, a late twelfth century scholar and servant in the court of Minamoto Yoritomo, the first shogun of Japan and one of the world’s most ruthless generals. This treatise can be used as a guide for personal development and motivation.



The Art of Stick Fighting – A re-release by Paladin Press, 2011. Whether you’re young or old, learn how to defend yourself in an unsuspecting attack by using an umbrella, a cane, a bat, or whatever you have at hand. Loaded with lots of demonstration photos!




The Lady of the Rings: Musashi’s Book of Five Rings Strategy Interpreted for Women – Published by Worthy Shorts, 2009. This book was written specifically for the ladies and told in the voice of a real female. It expresses in her words her feelings towards life now based on Musashi’s universal ideas. Ann Davis tells it straight-up how to succeed in any business—or life— for that matter!



Self-Revealization Acceptance: An Introduction – A Hanshi Warrior Press publication, 2006. A book for everyone who wants to learn how to manifest their own reality by their divine right to live in joy and freedom! By means of the teachings in this book, you will develop complete and total self-reliance, self-dependence, and the ability to create exactly what you want and when you want it by taking command of the Creative Power of the Universe.



Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance: 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life – Published by Hanshi Warrior Press, 2011. Book II in the Self-Revealization Acceptance™ series. This book takes the student and practitioner one step further, empowering them to ascend to higher levels of consciousness than previously attained by any method ever taught: religious or secular. This book holds the Absolute Key to the universe!



The Living Tao: Meditations on the Tao Te Ching to Empower Your Life – A Hanshi Warrior Press Publication (previously released by Tuttle Publishing, 1996). The Living Tao presents eighty-one original poems followed by the author’s commentary. The result is a guide for living that can empower you to achieve meaning and fulfillment in your life. As a supplement to The Living Tao, order Portraits of the Living Tao – 44 colorful American Northwest photographs by Peggy A. Thompson, accompanied by inspirational verse taken from The Living Tao. Both books a Hanshi Warrior Press publication.


The Sword in the Boardroom: Winning for the Benefit of All Concerned – A Hanshi Warrior Press publication (2006) that presents the strategies and philosophies of Sun Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi, and Stephen F. Kaufman in a real-time, round-table symposium. The masters address realistic strategies for the development of business negotiation skills for today’s world.



The Hanshi of Central Park: Book One in the Hanshi David Mann Adventure Series – A Hanshi Warrior Press publication (2006) that presents to the world Hanshi David Mann, a fictional martial arts character that lives and practices in New York City. Follow him as he accidentally gets caught up in a NYPD drug bust gone bad, changing his life forever!



The Hanshi in Brussels: Book Two in the Hanshi David Mann Adventure Series – A Hanshi Warrior Press publication (2008) that continues with our fictional character, Hanshi David Mann, as he gets caught up in a world espionage adventure. This fast paced story follows the Hanshi as he eludes Interpol, the CIA, the Belgian National Police and Mossad to track down and stop terrorists from assassinating world leaders.




Musashi’s Book of Five Rings: The Definitive Interpretation of Miyamoto Musashi’s Classic Book of Strategy – Published by Tuttle Publishing, 1994. Best-seller version of the classic book of strategy. Author Stephen F. Kaufman interprets Musashi’s work specifically for the martial artist—as it was originally intended. A timeless classic!




Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: The Definitive Interpretation of Sun Tzu’s Classic Book of Strategy – Published by Tuttle Publishing, 2001. A best seller edition of the timeless classic. Unlike contemporary translations that have focused too heavily on applying this military classic to corporate conflicts, this definitive interpretation maintains the impact of the original. Whether you are a student of the martial arts of a corporate warrior, this book will enable you to fully comprehend Sun Tzu’s powerful words.


To learn more about the author and to order books, visit: http://www.hanshi.com.

About Stephen F. Kaufman

Author of the best-selling interpretations of Musashi's "Book of Five Rings," Sun Tzu's "Art of War," along with Lao Tzu's "Living Tao," "The Shogun's Scroll," "The Way of the Modern Warrior," and "The Sword in the Boardroom," which focuses on business management based on honesty, integrity, and morality for contemporary negotiations. Rev. Stephen F. Kaufman is the founder of Self-Revealization Acceptance™, the first, foremost, and original reality facilitation concept ever presented to the modern world in 1993, guaranteed to bring immediate and permanent results. Acknowledged as a founding father of American Karate, he was elected to the title and rank of Hanshi, 10 Dan, the most prestigious accomplishment in the martial arts world in 1991 by international peer associations. His karate martial arts system is recognized by leading world martial arts master to be one of the most realistic warrior methods in the world. He has received countless awards and honors for his work. He has been awarded the Platinum Lifetime Achievement and Platinum Martial Arts Pioneer award denoting 50 years of service to the art.

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