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Conversation with a Buddhist Priest

This is a conversation I had this Saturday morning with a Cambodian Buddhist priest. Grammatical corrections are my own to facilitate reading.

Priest – Hello, Sir.

Hanshi – Good day to you.

Priest – How are you?

Hanshi – Wonderful, and how about yourself?

Priest – I am very well, thanks. And glad to hear that you are as well.

Hanshi – Have you ascended to higher levels of consciousness recently?

Priest – I have not too much consciousness, but I think you have wonderful consciousness

Hanshi – Everyone has consciousness depending on how much they will accept their own divinity from the Creative Power of the Universe.

Priest – That is great.

Hanshi – Everyone is and that is why the universe was created in the first place so that all could come to terms with their profound divine right to live in joy and freedom.

Priest – I would need to learn more.

Hanshi – What do you want to know?

Priest – I would need to know everything which (would enable me to) communicate with daily life.

Hanshi – You already know that, but you have not decided to acknowledge that you do and continue to seek wisdom from sources external to yourself and that is why you have the questions you have.

Priest – I just know what I should do and shouldn’t do.

Hanshi – Then you are truly enlightened.

Priest – I am trying to find the peaceful mind.

Hanshi – Accept yourself as already having it. It is by your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom.

Whoever said it was not easy to do was trying to keep the secret to themselves that they themselves did not understand.

Priest – So now I am trying to do good things for many people in Cambodia.

Hanshi – You must be specific and understand exactly what you want the Creative Power of the Universe to give you as a gift to do wonderful things for all mankind. When you do that, you free yourself from yourself and act in totality as an instrument of the Divine for Its pleasure and not your own, which transcends the need to define your desires. In such manner you become selfless and ascend to the reality purposed by the reason for your finite existence.

Priest – That is so great, sir. I am studying by the Buddhist way.

Hanshi – The wisdom that I express is a gift that I have acknowledged as mine because knowing myself as the center of the universe, I can realize that every creature ever given life is the same exact thing. No one is any more special than anyone else, and when that is realized, then there is never a need for conflict though it is essential to protect oneself from the mediocrity of those who would insist on controlling others, which is certainly a short cut to self destruction. What is your purpose in life, and are you of an ancient order of thinking that permits you to be connected to others of the same mentality?

Priest – Yes, sure, everything is impermanent: suffering, and selflessness.

Hanshi – Suffering is not what the Buddha implied when he said all is a vale of tears. What he meant probably is that the difficulties we find in life are merely examples of challenges that we must come to terms with in order to ascend to nirvanic delight. These are easily overcome when we know we are the purpose of the infinite intent.

Priest – Thank you for your wonderful message.

Hanshi – Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you. Let us chat again soon. Where are you from?

Priest – Cambodia. Where are you from?

Hanshi – Brooklyn. Keep in touch.


For more info on the author and to purchase the book, Self-Revealization Acceptance – Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom, visit http://www.hanshi.com

About Stephen F. Kaufman

Author of the best-selling interpretations of Musashi's "Book of Five Rings," Sun Tzu's "Art of War," along with Lao Tzu's "Living Tao," "The Shogun's Scroll," "The Way of the Modern Warrior," and "The Sword in the Boardroom," which focuses on business management based on honesty, integrity, and morality for contemporary negotiations. Rev. Stephen F. Kaufman is the founder of Self-Revealization Acceptance™, the first, foremost, and original reality facilitation concept ever presented to the modern world in 1993, guaranteed to bring immediate and permanent results. Acknowledged as a founding father of American Karate, he was elected to the title and rank of Hanshi, 10 Dan, the most prestigious accomplishment in the martial arts world in 1991 by international peer associations. His karate martial arts system is recognized by leading world martial arts master to be one of the most realistic warrior methods in the world. He has received countless awards and honors for his work. He has been awarded the Platinum Lifetime Achievement and Platinum Martial Arts Pioneer award denoting 50 years of service to the art.

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  1. some very usefull information in here, thank you for sharing!

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